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Cuban Ground Iguana MRR-90 We are constantly adding to our

replica inventory.  We also do

custom replicas if a specimen

can be found.  If you don't find

the model you're looking for,

contact us.
Cuban Ground Iguana MRR-90

Cuban Ground Iguana MRR-90

Unfinished Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle (MRR-195)

Finished Green Sea Turtle

Unfinished Replicas

Unfinished replicas come with a minor flashing or flange at the base. Some that are on bases have little or no dressing down required. The bottoms of most replicas are foam for easy dressing down. A Dremel tool can be used to easily dress down the base and drill out a place for the eyes. Artificial eyes are available upon request and are put in place with epoxy putties. After a little cleanup the replicas are ready to prime and paint. Most replicas come with a detailed paint chart to aid in the painting process. You may also purchase replicas sprayed with gesso primer and trimmed, ready to paint. (25% more of the unfinished cost) Larger rattlesnake replicas are manufactured with the capability to accommodate either real rattles or artificial rattles (included with each rattlesnake replica). Our catalog contains most of our current specimens available. Contact us if you have a special request, or any questions.

Finished Replicas

Finished replicas are highly detailed, museum quality replicas. Each finished product is made to match the sub-species and region requested. The products shown in our catalog are unfinished. Please see our Finished Product Samples Gallery for images of some of our finished replicas.

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